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Why Vitamin Packs?

The vitamin packs are designed to help support a specific health issue or challenge you might be experiencing and are intended to be an introduction to IDNutrition. To fully understand the current state of your health and wellness, and how your diet and lifestyle are positively or negatively affecting your well-being, we recommend you take our free assessment and review your free health score, health report and customized IDNutrition.

Higher Quality Ingredients with a Money back Guarantee

The vitamin packs are designed utilizing the same high-quality vitamins and nutrients our customers have come to enjoy and expect from IDLife’s IDNutrition product. They also incorporate the science of Chronobiology, delivering the nutrients at the best time of day to optimize your potential absorption and metabolism of the vitamins. Like all other IDLife products, these packs have an unconditional 30-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

Our Vitamin Packs

Essential Pack $46.99 Are you simply looking for a replacement for your daily multi-vitamin that provides higher quality nutrients in a more complete package? Our Essentials Pack comes with our Advanced AM & PM blends to address your morning and evening nutrient needs, but also includes a powerful probiotic and Omega 3 to round out your essential nutritional support needs. BUY NOW

Women’s Formula $47.99 Our Women's Formula is designed to help provide the nutrients and minerals necessary to support a woman’s nutritional needs during the menopausal and perimenopausal phases of her life. BUY NOW

Men’s Formula $49.99 The IDLife's Men's Formula starts with a high-quality amino acid profile to fuel muscles and support intestinal balance, but the main support elements of the pack are geared to provide the nutrients that have been scientifically shown to help men with their prostate and urinary tract health. BUY NOW

Stress Support $36.99 Stress creates an imbalance in your thoughts, emotions, actions and overall health. IDLife's Stress Support pack is full of nutrients to help support the body’s reaction to stress, and the hormonal imbalances caused by it. As a bonus, we have added antioxidant ingredients to provides additional reserves for the oxidative damage brought on by stress. BUY NOW

Immune Support $49.99 Our immune systems comprise of innate and adaptive components. The Innate takes care of things like healing wounds, and the adaptive portion responds to pathogen growth by preventing it or eliminating it. Vitamin C accentuates the complex antioxidant range of vitamins contained in this pack. With the Immune Support pack, helping your body do its job just got easier. BUY NOW

Heart Health Support $49.99 IDLife believes that heart health includes blood flow, blood pressure and the health of your arteries and blood vessels. The IDLife Heart Health Support pack includes nutrients like CoQ10 and Vitamin K2 to help support improved blood flow and arterial wall health and function. BUY NOW

Cholesterol Support $43.99 Trying to lower your triglyceride levels can be challenging. The Cholesterol Support pack is designed to provide your body the nutrients it needs to help support a natural approach to having the body regulate this ever-increasing issue. BUY NOW

Diabetes Support $47.99 The Diabetes Support Pack is designed to provide you with the nutrients necessary to support a healthy glucose level. Additional nutrients are added to the pack to provide you with the support necessary to manage the nutritional challenges associated with diabetes. BUY NOW

Gut Support $45.99 The efficient digestion and assimilation of nutrients controls a stable microbiota and perfects your state of well-being. The Gut Support pack targets three components of proper digestion: the breakdown of food into assimilated nutrients, the support of beneficial microflora that controls what is and what is not absorbed into our bodies, and a powerhouse superfood combination packed with nutrients. BUY NOW

Brain Support $46.99 The complex functioning of the brain, though highly efficient, is not immune to fatigue. The nutrients found in the Brain Support pack will help your brain communicate effectively, decrease fatigue, and optimize your ability to focus and get things done. BUY NOW

Thyroid Support $54.99 Your thyroid requires a substantial array of nutrients to function efficiently. The Thyroid Support pack is designed to consider your thyroid’s nutritional needs, as well as your body's responses to the unexpected. We reinforced the vitamin/mineral profile with tocotrienols and antioxidant supplements to ensure antioxidant reserves are plentiful throughout your day. BUY NOW

Joint Support $35.99 Healthy joints enable us to remain active. The Joint Support pack follows up with a top tier bone health formulation, supplying calcium from multiple sources and ensuring it is highly absorbable by including Magnesium, Vitamin D, and other trace minerals. BUY NOW

Prenatal Support $44.99 The IDLife Prenatal Pack gives you a complete blend of nutrients your body will need during pre-conception, pregnancy, and nursing. As your baby develops through the early stages of pregnancy, meeting your body’s increasing nutritional demands will become vital to the health of yourself and your baby. Prenatal Pack is delivered in both AM and PM dosing so that you are taking the right vitamins at the right time of day to ensure optimal absorption and effectiveness. BUY NOW

Peace of Mind

Each vitamin pack is designed with your specific challenge in mind and formulated to provide the best nutritional support available to address the issues you are concerned about.


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